Aspy – ASP.NET Session and Cache viewer

Posted by – May 10, 2012

Today I’ve released new version of Aspy. For those of you who don’t know what it is I recommend to visit project’s website at:

I short words it is the ASP.NET Session and Cache viewer in a form of ASP.NET HTTP handler.

Current, 1.1.0 version is not a big changes but contains a feature requested by people who have started to use Aspy in theirs projects. The biggest problem with previous release was in viewing large values. There is no possibility to display for instance big XML in a table cell so the value was always truncated. Right now hovering at value cell shows small magnifying glass which clicked shows popup window with whole value. In addition from now ByteCarrot.Aspy.dll is signed and has strong name so it can be used with other signed assemblies.

More information, download and installation instructions can be found on Aspy website mentioned above. Below I’ve added screenshots presenting new feature added in this new version.

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3 Comments on Aspy – ASP.NET Session and Cache viewer

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  1. Alex says:

    Very good stuff, Dude!! I like your presentation-style on ByteCarrot too!

  2. Roxin says:


    Any chance you opensource the project ? I’d need to add a couple of things like: ability to delete something from cache/session and to rename the url (right now the resources no longer work if I rename it).


  3. vv says:

    Hi, just installed Aspy, url/aspy.ashx loads up, but it’s not showing anything and i’m using lots of caching

    What could i be missing? have you see that happen?